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Substance Misuse Prevention

The Carroll County Substance Misuse Prevention Network, based at C3PH, is an evolving group of organizations and individuals who live and/or work in Carroll County, working together to reduce alcohol and other drug use in Carroll County.

A Prevention Planning/Leadership team that includes representatives from health care, business, education, family supports, law enforcement, and government, substance use disorder service providers,  and interested individuals meet regularly and provides direction to the prevention initiatives in the county. Our group is committed to promoting environmental strategies and other evidence-based practices to prevent substance misuse, advocating for behavioral health resources for Carroll County citizens, and supporting the Carroll County recovering community.


  • Provide information about alcohol and other drugs to parents, teens, and the general public in Carroll County.
  • Share information about statewide, countywide, and local efforts to prevent substance misuse among our youth and other populations.
  • Provide technical assistance to schools, communities, businesses, and other organizations in Carroll County as they create and implement substance use policies, evidence-based prevention programs and  practices.
  • Participate in and support the prevention initiatives of our partners in Carroll County.
  • Coordinate community events that enhance the prevention, treatment, and recovery support resources in the county.
  • Advocate for and facilitate multi-agency collaborations to bring additional prevention, treatment, and recovery support resources to Carroll County.

Contact Jennifer Thomas, our Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator for more information. 

2019 - 2022 SMP Strategic Plan


  1. Enhance the capacity of the Carroll County Coalition for Public Health and its partners to effectively address substance misuse across the lifespan in the region.
  2. Reduce drug-related overdose incidents and deaths each year (NH SHIP).
  3. Increase public awareness relative to the harm and consequences of alcohol and drug misuse.
  4. Prevent and reduce substance misuse (including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs) among youth and young adults (12-25) by 2019.
  5. Reduce substance misuse (including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs) among adults (25+) by 2019.
  6. Promptly respond to and prevent harms associated with emerging drug threats in the Carroll County Public Health Region.



The combined Prevention Leadership Team and Continuum of Care Work Group meets the First Tuesday of  August, October, December, Februaty, April and June, 9:00am-10:30pm on until further notice. Meetings are open.  All are welcome.Contact: for more information or register in advance for this meeting series:   

Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2022-2023

Carroll County Responds to Substance Use Disorder (Prevention and Continuum of Care Combined)


Agenda 10/3/23

Agenda 12/5/23

Agenda 2/6/24

Agenda 4/2/24

Agenda 6/4/24


Minutes 10/3/23

Minutes 12/5/23

Minutes 2/6/24

Minutes 4/2/24

Minutes 6/6/24


Agenda 8/2/22 cancelled

Agenda 10/4/22

Agenda 12/6/22

Agenda 2/7/23

Agenda 4/11/23

Agenda 6/6/23

Minutes 8/2/22 cancelled

Minutes 10/4/22

Minutes 12/6/22

Minutes 2/7/23

Minutes 4/11/23

Minutes 6/6/23


Agenda 8/3/21 Agenda 10/5/21 Agenda 12/7/21 Agenda 2/1/22 Agenda 4/5/22 Agenda June 7, 2022
Minutes 8/3/21 Minutes 10/5/21 Minutes 12/7/21 Minutes 2/1/22 Minutes 4/5/22 Minutes 6/7/22


Carroll County Youth Substance Misuse Prevention (Youth SMP)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2023-2024

Agenda 9/19/23

Agenda 11/21/23

Agenda 1/16/24

Agenda 3/19/24

Agenda 5/21/24

Minutes 9/19/23

Minutes 11/21/23

Minutes 1/16/24

Minutes 3/19/24

Minutes 5/21/24

Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2022-2023

Agenda 9/20/22

Agenda 11/15/22

Agenda 1/17/23

Agenda 3/21/23

Agenda 5/16/23

Minutes 9/20/22

Minutes 11/15/22

Minutes 1/17/23

Minutes 3/21/23

Minutes 5/16/23

Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2021-2022















Bartlett Police Department

Kingswood Middle School

Ossipee Police Department

Team Wolfeboro

Carroll County Police Chiefs

Kingswood High School

Paul School - Wakefield

Tuftonboro Police Department

Carroll County Jail

Kingswood Youth Center

Salmon Press

Tri County CAP

Carroll County Sheriff Dept

Memorial Hospital

Sandwich Police Department

Wakefield Police Department

Central NH VNA & Hospice

Mt Washington Valley Housing Coalition


White Horse Addiction Center

Conway Daily Sun

Moultonborough Academy

SAU 13

White Mountain Community Health Center

Conway Police Department

Moultonborough Police Department

SAU 45

White Mountain Restorative Justice Program

Huggins Hospital

MWV Supports Recovery

SAU 49

Wolfeboro Police Department

NH State Police

Northern Human Services

SAU 101

WMWV Radio Station

Kennett High School

Ossipee Concerned Citizens

Sen Jean Shaheen's Office

WASR Radio Station

Kennett Middle School
















NH Prescription Drug Drop Boxes

NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services

NH BDAS Issue Briefs

NH Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locator

NH Center for Excellence

NH Narcotics Anonymous

New Futures

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Opiate/Opioid Public Health Crisis: Update on the State of New Hampshire’s Comprehensive Response

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