Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response

Public Health Emergency Preparedness is an important aspect of community health. Having the capacity to respond quickly and effectively in a public health emergency can save lives and minimize the effects of a public health threat. At the Carroll County Coalition for Public Health, we encourage each local community to understand and become involved in their safety and preparedness activities.


We receive guidance directly from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on responding together effectively in the event of a public health threat. Threats can include the spread of infectious disease, environmental events, biochemical hazards, acts of terrorism, or natural disasters. Our regional leadership group called the Regional Coordination Committee (RCC) is made up of local public safety and public health leaders, who meet quarterly to review preparedness plans and conduct training exercises.


  • Activate the Citizen Corps for volunteer help at an incident or event
  • Regularly meet with town leaders to assure public health response plans are current
  • Establish Point-of-Dispensing Sites (PODs) should mass-immunization be required
  • Help local officials set up and conduct a public emergency shelter if necessary
  • Conduct regional leadership meetings quarterly that bring agencies together and strengthen response
  • Distribute public health advisories and publicize information about health threats
  • Support local officials during a Public Health emergency
  • Act as a conduit to the NH Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lead the multi-agency coordinating entity (MACE) which brings a coordination of advisors together during a regional Public Health emergency


  • Join the Citizen Corps
  • Practice hand washing and covering your cough in your elbow
  • Volunteer for School-Based Influenza Vaccination Clinics at a public school near you.
  • Make a preparedness kit for your home
  • Write and practice a family communications plan in case of an emergency

Contact or 603-301.1252 x304 for more information.


Increase community preparedness and individual preparedness of Carroll County residents and ensure that all residents have access to mental health services if they seek sheltering services.


  • Educate Carroll County residents on the importance of preparing for an emergency by increasing community participation in personal preparedness actions at home and at school
  • Incorporate preparation for functional needs and behavioral health supports, into mass casualty and shelter planning



Variety of trainings are offered by the state of NH agency's throughout the year, click here to learn more!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) & Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offer FREE virtual trainings! Click here to learn more!



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