MWV Age Friendly Communities invites you to join in the wellness challenge. BINGO activity cards are available to everyone interested in participating in the community wide wellness challenge. Complete the activities to earn points toward a monthly drawing!

Click the Photo to access the BINGO card. You can download the form, print, and then fill-out to participate. 



Click Here for more detailed information. 

Click Here to interact with other participants on Facebook: share your progress and support each other! 

To submit your completed BINGO card:

Be sure to write your name and contact information on the BINGO card.  With your phone you can take a picture of your completed card and email it to If you are not sure how to use your phone to send a picture you can drop your BINGO card off at your local library for us to collect.

You can also register HERE to stay connected and receive encouragement! This is totally optional, and you will only receive communications related to the Wellness Challenge.