The Carroll County Substance Misuse Prevention Network, based at C3PH, is an evolving group of organizations and individuals who live and/or work in Carroll County, working together to reduce alcohol and other drug use among Carroll County young people.

A Prevention Planning/Leadership team that includes representatives from health care, business, education, family supports, law enforcement, and government, substance use disorder service providers, and individuals meets regularly and provides direction to the prevention initiatives in the county.  The Carroll County Prevention Network is committed to promoting environmental and other practices to prevent substance misuse, advocating for behavioral health resources for Carroll County citizens, and supporting the Carroll County recovering community.


  • Provide information about alcohol and other drugs to parents, teens, and the general public in Carroll County.
  • Share information about statewide, countywide, and local efforts to prevent substance misuse among our youth and other populations.
  • Provide technical assistance to schools, communities, businesses, and other organizations in Carroll County in creating and implementing substance use policies, evidence-based prevention programs and prevention practices.
  • Participate in and support prevention initiatives of our partners in Carroll County.
  • Coordinate community events that enhance the prevention, treatment, and recovery support resources in the county.
  • Advocate for and facilitate multi-agency collaborations to bring additional prevention, treatment, and recovery support resources to Carroll County.
  • Assist in the development of grant applications with and/or for our partners.
Contact Jennifer Selfridge, our Substance Misuse Prevention Director for more information.