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The Carroll County Coalition for Public Health (C3PH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public health in Carroll County.

The mission of C3PH is to improve the health safety and wellness of the citizens of Carroll County by facilitating community partnerships, developing strategic public health-related plans, coordinating the delivery of public health services and empowering the public to improve individual health.

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Our no-cost flu clinics that we offer to the schools in the region, both public and private, are in full swing. The clinics are setup in the schools on a pre-arranged day and the vaccines, either shot or nasal mist, are administrated by licensed nurse and paramedics.




April 21st is National Day to Talk with Your Children about Alcohol

Posted by Jennifer Selfridge on Apr 20, 2015 8:00:00 AM

My teenage daughter is in a rebellious phase. She won’t listen to anything I say and doesn’t talk to me. What’s the point of even trying to communicate?

Parenting a teen can be challenging! But hang in there—talking with your teen is an important part of helping keep your family safe.Fortunately, you can improve parent-teen communication simply by learning how teens reason and make choices. (Hint: It’s different from adults!) You can also learn communication strategies that encourage teens to come out of their shells.  



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