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Regional Care Liaison Information

The care liaison’s goal is to provide education, connection and support to youth/ young adults and their family after a suicide crisis or attempt. This is an opportunity to explore resources, develop a safety plan, and communicate openly from a non-judgmental and supportive perspective.

The Care Liaison is NOT a clinician and cannot provide any clinical support.

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Mckenzie Webb

Hours of Availability:  M-F 8:30am-4:30pm (with some flexibility based on client need)

P: (603) 444-8526 (Confidential Voicemail)            




  • High risk youth and young adults between the ages of 10 to 24 in the region of operation.
  • Recent suicide related incident including, but not limited to, emergency services contact, emergency department visit, or hospitalization.
  • Individuals and family/support system must be willing to participate in the program, including attending appointments, engaging in safety planning, and following through with referrals.



  • We work together to develop a safety plan that will explore triggers, warning signs, coping mechanisms and emergency resources.
  • We provide services to help form long-term coping skills to help with the reduction of at-risk behaviors.
  • We collaborate with the client and the family, treatment team, support system, and any other providers to identify wellness options, resources, and/or supports to be explored.
  • All appointments will be in the office, community, school, or the client’s home, per client preference.

This is a short term intervention/postvention (up to 90 days) to support a smooth and healthy transition back into the community after a crisis or hospitalization.